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IoT Starter Kit

Begin your IoT journey today by ordering an IoT Starter Kit which includes everything you need to connect and manage your devices on the TELUS network

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What The Kit Includes


1-3 SIMS

With TELUS Connectivity

150 MB

of data

150 SMS

Valid for 6 months


Real-Time Testing Tool

  • Test-as-you-build for fast, quality development
  • Visibility into device and network behaviour
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting help

Full Access to TELUS Control Centre

  • Access to a market leading connectivity management platform
  • User logins for everyone on your team
  • Same environment for testing and deployment

Exceptional Developer

  • Developer guidelines and forum
  • Access to APIs
  • Accelerated device certification

How it Works



Place an order for your IoT Starter Kit (retail value : $99) using your referral code.



Receive access credentials to the TELUS Control Centre platform to manage device connectivity.



Install your SIMs in your test devices and use Control Centre to connect them to the TELUS network and your IoT applications.



After completing your tests, you are now ready to launch your connected device services on the TELUS network.

Why Choose TELUS?

What is IoT

Why Choose TELUS?

TELUS offers a dedicated network for enterprise IoT traffic. Every client’s solution is built on a network infrastructure specifically designed to support IoT applications and be highly available for assured business continuity. Our network enables faster IoT solution deployment and changes thereby resulting in significant savings on implementation and operating costs. The network’s flexible design also enables highly customized IoT solution implementations. Add the fact that all onboarding and ongoing technical support is provided by dedicated IoT specialists and TELUS makes building and implementing IoT solutions fast, simple and dependable.